Top Reasons To Use a Travel Agent

Using a travel agent, travel service or travel specialist has many advantages.  People have various reasons for using agents depending on the type of traveler they are or where they are going. Here is a look at some of the top reasons for using a travel agency.

Expert advice. A good expert has traveled to the location and/or has assisted the travel for many clients, therefore, they will have expert, first hand advice.

Options. Travel agents will have a variety of options available to travelers – options based on price, availability and preferences.

Customer Service. Aside from the customer service you receive while in the planning stages of your trip, you will have customer service while you’re abroad.  Once while traveling in Italy, I missed my train from Venice to Vienna. It was 10p.m. in Venice on the final night of Carnival and the only agent in the train station did not speak a word of English.  I was trapped, or so it seemed.  I phoned my travel agent, Artun Travel, back in the U.S. and quickly made a reservation and purchased a new ticket on a different train. I simply had to find the track number once I had my details via Artun Travel.

Expert Guidance. I am an avid traveler, I have traveled as a female alone, I consider myself a citizen of the world, yet when making my travel plans, I still turn to the advice of a travel expert.  I may contribute to their knowledge, I may in fact know more than they do, but I will always learn something new from my travel professional or find a great flight.  Sometimes it may be a flight that I would not have been able to search myself because I simply did not know that a particular airline connected to my destination.

Personalized Service. A good agent will get to know you and your travel wishes and customize a trip to your needs.

Time savings. Simply give us your dates of travel, your preferences, your budget and we’ll spit out the perfect trip customized to your needs.  You just go!

Trust.  Our agency has been in business for nearly 25 years, we have served thousands of clients and we’re here live to talk to you.

Unbiased Information. Travel agents work for you.  There may be fees associated with some travel agents’ services, however, you know that you will be getting a trip that is right for you.

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